2017 Fantasy Football Season Is Over

If you are anything like me, this past dream football season ended with a lot of mixed feelings. Alvin Kamara goes off and provides you a two or two, but you passed on Todd Gurley. Following that, you realize that the top pick of Amari Cooper or even Jordy Nelson will be costing you at least one league (and also why not a good chunk of change to cooperate with it). It was definitely a year for harms also, which means some athletes around Twitter haven't been updating. Aaron Rodgers and David Johnson, both initial or 2nd rounders in many leagues, those found themselves on the IR at a certain time before this season was finished.

That being said, last year's dream football season was nevertheless impressive. There really are a slew of wins to go along side the losses. Even if you did not win a league, you probably needed a excellent time with your buddies. My leagues were on ESPN.com and in RTsports.com, and each ended up being a terrific place to accomplish dream football.

That brings us to a couple of big takeaways from the fantasy football season. {Some are obvious, others less so. However, every one of these will help us prepare to the 2018 fantasy football draft, which can not get here any sooner.

What We Found In 2017

Running Backs Are Back

Even in PPR leagues, even where getting a purpose for every grab helps wide receivers be much more applicable comparative to running backs, 2017 demonstrated that running backs are where you ought to put the majority of your own inventory. They're becoming more balls thrown into them than ever, especially athletes around Twitter who are heavily engaged in the passing game, like Todd Gurley, Alvin Kamara, and Melvin Gordon.

It's hard to acquire a league, any way. Plus it's much more difficult when there's not a star running back to your own roster.

Anyone Can Get Hurt

Individuals who drafted David Johnson #1 or #2 overall realized how difficult it's to replace a star running back , or to get one on the waiver wire. Unless these had the ability to pickup Kareem Hunt or Alvin Kamara, they probably failed to make it into the playoffs.

What 2017 revealed us is that anybody can become hurt. Aaron Rodgers ended up missing a fantastic chunk of this growing season as well. The important things for visitors to consider when it comes to injuries is the fact that it is usually possible to bounce straight back. In other words, if they play the waiver wire directly and upgrade to different places through trades.

Consistency Is Key

Fantasy football is a excellent way to bond with your buddies.

A number of the most annoying athletes on Twitter to possess are Julio Jones and Brandin Cooks. Sure, they can provide you with a match together with 150 yards or longer and 2 touchdowns. But, they'll also give you games where they do absolutely nothing. It's hard to stay competitive when your upper receiver is always doing nothing. The next season, do your best to invest in athletes on Twitter who are going to consistently give you good numbers. Some good examples are Le'Veon Bell, Larry Fitzgerald, along with Alvin Kamara or even Mark Ingram.

2017's dream football season could be over, however there'll soon be yet another one here until we understand it. Have a rest from all of the headlines, but do not get too behind about what athletes on Twitter do this summer. Come prepared to get your squad next season!

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